Collection: BUNDLES

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic: Culleoka offers an array of natural cleaning supplies bundles, all eco-friendly and non-toxic. These products are responsibly made, ensuring a positive impact on our planet.

Diverse Selection: Choose from various options such as the AC/coil cleaning kit, the essential cleaning starter kit, or the "Cully U Back to College Bundle" tailored for your specific needs.

Probiotic Power: Our natural cleaning supplies feature probiotics - live beneficial bacteria. These probiotics work to digest foul organics, ensuring surfaces remain sanitized for longer.

Effective & Safe: Culleoka’s cleaners are more effective than traditional chemical-laden options found in stores. They not only clean surfaces efficiently but are also environmentally conscious and safe for human use.

Our Commitment: At Culleoka Company, we are dedicated to producing natural cleaning products that prioritize safety and environmental responsibility.