A Clean Kitchen is a Healthy Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the household, and it is where food quality is crucial. Kitchen hygiene plays an essential role in keeping your food safe from lots of culprits – such as rats and roaches. Kitchen cleanliness also helps in protecting your edible items from other microscopic germs that can spoil your food, ultimately making you ill. Undoubtedly, an unhygienic kitchen can be a breeding place for many diseases and can result in food poisoning and other illnesses as well. In this blog post, we will discuss a few tips that can help you in keeping your kitchen...

Advantages of Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning?

When it comes to the environment, many of the ingredients in detergents and cleaners are not biodegradable or require a very long time to be assimilated by nature. In this way, a large amount of toxic waste ends up in our rivers, lakes and seeps into groundwater.

Why use Probiotic Cleaners?

Instead of chemicals that kill off all germs in sight, probiotic cleaners are powered by “good” bacteria—in Culleoka Company’s case, medical-grade probiotics—which create compounds called bio-detergents that detox home surfaces and break down dirt and grime. 

Why Septic Tanks Fail

What you should never put into your sewer or septic tank   Most homeowners have encountered a clogged drainpipe at some point in time. In most cases the clog could have been prevented by the homeowner. Often the main issue is grease. There are some best practices when it comes to drain lines in homes connected to municipal sewer as well as those connected to septic tanks. Let’s first talk about the drain lines in any home, be it connected to a city sewer or a septic tank. Assuming your drain lines have been installed properly and with the correct...

Knowledge is Power

At Culleoka Company it is our mission to make our friends and communities aware of the dangers of toxic substances, and to encourage the world to live a cleaner, simpler, and healthier lifestyle. The more you know about toxic substances, the more you can reduce exposure. What you know can help you!


You can find a million ways to keep yourself healthy, but nothing does it better than a good quality soap. When it comes to maintaining hygiene before and after eating, it’s the call of foam hand soap that comes to the rescue. Liquid hand soaps contain natural scrubbers, conditioners, and moisturizers to clean, condition, and protect your hands after every wash. Effectiveness: Natural soaps are just as effective as commercial soaps. For example, the foam hand soap targets the bacteria on the hands and washes them away. With the soap on, you tend to wash your hands longer, easily washing away the...

Toss The Toxins

Learn what to look for to identify which household cleaning products contain harmful toxins. Replacing these toxic products with natural based ones will improve your home’s air quality, and thus your family’s health! 

The Do’s & Don’ts of Effectively Cleaning Your Septic Tank

Effectively cleaning septic tanks is naturally a part of everyday human life across the globe. One way to reduce our impact on waste and water treatment processing, is to try using natural cleaning products such as natural bathroom cleaners. Making a small change such as this could make a huge impact on your daily lifestyle and require less energy use for septic tank treatment.

Top 3 benefits of a natural Foaming Hand Soap

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation hand soaps have become the need of the hour. People have started understanding the need of keeping their hands clean by using natural foaming hand soaps. Natural foam soaps are good for the environment as well as our skin. They don't cause skin allergies with excessive use and they don't demand more water for rinsing.

Hygiene and Health: Why is it important to go green today?

We use cleaning products to make our homes and workplaces free of bacteria and toxins, but what if they already contain chemicals that are harmful to consumers’ skin, internal organs and the environment?

As health concerns become more prevalent and people become more aware of the harsh effects of cleaning chemicals, it’s important to switch to the non-toxic traditional ways that are equally strong and more sustainable than the chemical based cleaners. The benefits speak for themselves; the greener, the better.

Fun Fact Friday - Father's Day Origin

The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in the state of Washington. However, it was not until 1972–58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official–that the day honoring fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States. Father’s Day 2021 will occur on Sunday, June 20.

Fun Fact Friday -

People are frequently injured or die from exposure to fumes caused by mixing toxic cleaning products. Culleoka Company would like to remind you to always read the labels on cleaning products and to buy natural based cleaners whenever possible. It is safer for you, your family and is better for our planet.