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Cully U 'Back to College Bundle'


Time to be thinking about getting back to school...

Have a checklist?

We’d like to check off one of those items for you. Toxic cleaners! That’s our mission! No, not selling toxic cleaners…

But removing toxicities from our environment (harsh cleaners) & replacing with natural & simple solutions that work!

Our Cully U Bundle is made for getting back to campus and keeping those dorms, bedroom and/or apartments naturally clean - easy to use and safe!

The Cully U Bundle will save, not only toxins but dollars on this new deal!   

This bundle is 'all natural' and is packed with beneficial bacteria to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

 Especially indoors - where cleaning chemicals increase toxicities. 

 Simple and Natural Solutions for Going Back to School!

 Clean that dorm or college apartment safely without toxicities! 

 We will ship direct to the campus!


 The bundle will include:

1 Natural Based Cleaner (24oz) University Lab Tested!

Our #1 selling multi surface cleaner for all surfaces, including fabric! This product is probiotic (packed with multiple strains of beneficial bacteria). Ready to use solution and can be used as mop solution (4oz to 3 gallons). Enjoy the cleaner that keeps cleaning!

 1 Scale & Scum Remover 

Formulated to remove hard water spots and stains from shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets and more. Can be diluted 50/50 to work as a spray for the shower walls. 

 1 Native Lands Probiotic Deodorizer

Our newest solution, designed to deodorize and detox your space of foul odors; smoke smells, food, tobacco, urine, sweat and more. Native Lands is super concentrated and can be used as little as 2oz to a gallon for light odors or used full strength on heavy odors. Spray on surfaces, air & fabrics.

 1 Hand Script Hand Sanitizer (organic alcohol)

Coconut/Pear infused organic alcohol spray sanitizer. And in a reusable aluminum bottle! Leaves hands feeling soft! The smell is out of this world!

1 Cully's Foam Soap

Cully’s is a limited ingredient foam soap. Paraben Free, SLS free & Dye Free! Cully's is so safe it can be used as a veggie wash! Wash & Rinse!

 2 Green Microfiber Towels 

Our tightly woven microfiber towels help do the scrubbing and are perfect for everyday use on any surface. Can be washed for reuse over and over.

  • Enter students college address at checkout if you prefer to have it shipped directly there.

Shipping info

Flat rate shipping - $9 Excludes Hawaii and Alaska


1 Natural Based Cleaner (24oz); 1 Scale & Scum Remover (1 pint); 1 Native Lands Probiotic Deodorizer (24 oz); 1 Hand Script Hand Sanitizer (organic alcohol); 1 Cully's Foam Soap; 2 Micro Fiber Towels

Great for:

College dorms and apartments. Bundle includes products to clean all surfaces and floors in kitchen, bathroom, bedroom & living room. Clean counters, floors, sinks, showers, toilets, hands. Deodorizer removes odors from trash cans, bathrooms, disposal units, floors, around toilets and linen baskets.

Probiotic Formula For Wellness
And Sanitization

Natural Based & Probiotics for Happy Health Businesses and Homes.

Our journey set out for ourselves to have and achieve a more simple lifestyle, eating and living cleaner not only had to do with the foods we ate but also encompassed the choices of which products to use in our home. We are determined to use safer, non-toxic, plant based ingredients to make for a better overall user experience. No matter if you are cleaning the kitchen table or treating a grease trap at a hospital - our desire is your peace of mind.

  • Goodness = Peace of mind Goodness =
    Peace of Mind
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