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It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and that certainly applies here. When health challenges were coupled with the rigorous demands of his career, founder and “farmhand” Sonny Hobbs began looking to adopt a less toxic and simpler lifestyle. This led to a conscientious effort to live cleaner, simpler and healthier … and ultimately to the founding of the Culleoka Company.

A large part of Sonny’s journey involved stepping back from the hectic, corporate lifestyle he was living and moving to the family farm where he and his family could intersect with nature and their family roots. The three-generation farm is located in Cuelloka, Tennessee, which is where the company name is derived.
(Read about the legend of Culleoka here.)

Sonny attributes his move from stress and ailments that the hectic life style bring, to a more healthy and simple life style -ultimately the founding of the Culleoka Company to his faith in God, the support of his family, the interaction with nature and animals on his farm, and a commitment to living a life of harmony.

As a matter of fact, HARMONY is his family’s motto. This one word sums up their desire for family, community and life. He says, “We are committed as a family, not only to understand but also to live a life of reaping and sowing. This means we live and operate under the premise that what we put out into this world, we will get back. THIS is the foundation of everything we do: what we put into the ground (life), we get out of the ground (life).”

From a business aspect, Sonny draws on his 27+ years as a strategist in the chemical products industry, along with five children and six grandchildren who provide further inspiration to create nontoxic products for a simpler and cleaner overall lifestyle. In addition to family, Sonny and his wife raise black and red Irish Dexter cattle.

About Us Culleoka Company founder and farmhand, Sonny Hobbs with one of his red Irish Dexter calves.
About Us Culleoka Company founder, Sonny Hobbs,(on left) making his first natural based product sale.


This all began with a yearning to get back to “simple,” along with a concern for health for our family. Not only were the lifestyle of work and the demands of life pulling the life out of us, but it was also the foods we consumed and the stress of filling the gap - the gap between more and enough.

Culleoka Company is our focused attention toward the things we use in our homes, our work, schools and life. When families and businesses turn to powerful cleaners, which often have harsh elements and bases that are toxic to ourselves, our homes and our loved ones. They are essentially destroying the delicate balance between nature and health. Ultimately, leaving long-term effects.

Our solutions say, no more! And it began in our own home. A journey to a simpler, healthier and happier lifestyle. We will continue to learn and grow together along this life - join us! In addition to family, we find great joy in raising an Irish Breed of Cattle - the friendly and easygoing Dexter.



HOW OUR TOWN CAME TO BE CALLED CULLEOKA Lacy wildflowers and a tree-lined “sweetwater” creek on a Culleoka, Tenn. farm.

Located in the middle of the Volunteer State adjacent to Columbia, “the dimple of the universe,” is a quiet farming community still holding to values of yesteryear: faith, family and hard work. Imagine a land with flowing natural spring waters, where wildlife abounded and that was once home to our brother, the American Indian. This is land where springs can still be found and an abundance of wildlife continues to roam our valleys and fields.

As a child, my grandfather often found Indian artifacts on the family farm. The arrowheads and other treasures unearthed while preparing the grounds for seasonal planting provided handheld testimony to the heritage of the land. Sadly, these collections have been sold, lost or pilfered over the years. And after decades of progress, many of the free-running springs are now buried under railroad ties and reshaped highways. Yet, in spite of the progress, history still holds claim to our community, even if it is in name only.

Legend tells of a mighty Indian warrior who was overcome in a violent clash with another tribe over territorial rights. He died on the field of battle. Shortly afterward, the love of his life, a beautiful young Indian princess, was found still and lifeless in one of the springs. It seems her will to love overcame her will to live. In memoriam, her father, the tribe chief, called the spring “Culle” - the Choctaw Indian word for good or sweet, and “Oka” - meaning water. From then on, the springs were called Culle-oka and tenderly referred to as “Sweetwater.”

In this case, love never fails and has even prevailed - as our little village is known as Culleoka to this day.