Natural Enzyme Drain Cleaner | Drain, Septic & Sewer Cleaner

Drain, Septic & Sewer Natural Based Cleaner


Our Natural Based Drain Septic & Sewer is packed with 7 types of probiotics (at twice the spore count of our cleaners) that produce powerful enzymes to break down soils and organic matter, including food-based grease & oils, blood, fecal matter, urine salts and more. Our natural based cleaner is excellent for cleaning drains, septic tanks and sewer systems. Also is an excellent tool for FOG programs in municipal systems.

Automated drain maintaining and refuge chute kits available. Simply ask for details.



  • FOR SEPTIC TANKS: Rate (20oz per 1000-gal tank). Pour directly into drains closest to the tank or in problem drains. Best applied at night or low use times, allowing dwell time. Dose. 8-16oz every 4 weeks for maintaining. Increase/decrease dosage for desired results.

  • FOR SLOW DRAINS, DISPOSALS & SEWER: Apply at a rate of twice the diameter of the drain, 4" drain = 8oz solution; 8" drain = 16oz. Allow dwell time prior to flushing. Excellent ro FOG (fats, oils, grease) programs!

  • FOR RV AND HOUSEBOAT HOLDING TANKS: 2oz per gallon of greywater (tank). 2-4oz for each drain preventing dry trap and for long term storage. Beneficial for dump stations too!

  • FOR LAGOONS, LIFT STATIONS AND GREASE TRAPS: 2 gal. per 1 million gal. of water or average bi-weekly flow, continuing treatment of 2 gal. every day until desired results. Can be used in preventative maintenance pump program.

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64 ounces

Great for:

  • A Positive for Home Septic Systems!
  • Kitchen Grease Traps
  • Slow drains, disposals & sewer lines
  • RV & Houseboat Holding Tanks
  • Lagoons, Lift Stations & Grease Traps
  • Refuge Chutes
  • Home, Business, Auto, Boats & RV

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Natural Based & Probiotics for Happy Health Businesses and Homes.

Our journey set out for ourselves to have and achieve a more simple lifestyle, eating and living cleaner not only had to do with the foods we ate but also encompassed the choices of which products to use in our home. We are determined to use safer, non-toxic, plant based ingredients to make for a better overall user experience. No matter if you are cleaning the kitchen table or treating a grease trap at a hospital - our desire is your peace of mind.

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probiotics vs chemicals

Sarah H.

This product has been amazing. We bought an older home and pouring a little down the drain occasionally has made a huge impact on the odor.

J.P. B.

I used this in my bathroom sink because the drain was slow and there was an odor. I poured in 2 cups and left it for 30 minutes. When I returned I turned on the faucet and let it run a minute. The slow drain was no longer slow and it smelled really nice.

Rebbecca A.

Smells Awesome! This stuff smells awesome! I like the idea of getting rid of bad bacteria but letting good bacteria live. well and leave an amazing scent behind, even my husband commented on how good it smelled!

Ashley M.

Even works better than other brands I wasn't sure this would be the best product to clean our kichen sink but it worked like magic. Now there's no bad food smell! I'd have to recommend with flying colors.

Andrew K.

Works Well We like it. I needed something to clear our pipes in our RV and not be too damaging. This was the perfect choice.

Gisselle M.

Cleans well and not poisonous I love this stuff. It cleans well and it's not poisonous at the same time.

Adam W.

FANTASTIC deep cleaner! Absolutely amazed It gets rid of the gunk and I feel good about using it!

Judy K.

Overall happy with the purchase, some minor flaws though Our sink had a bad smell that I couldn't get rid of so I decided to try out Culleoka because they use probiotics. It works like the gentlemen I spoke with said it would. Within the day, I couldn't identify the bad smell.

Eleonore K.

I love this spray cleaners! It's not offered in every grocery store so I'm glad I can get a case online. I won't ever be without this stuff. Just love it! You will too, highly recommend!

Vanessa M.

Great Cleaner I'm very impressed with the cleaning power of this product. I wasn't sure, I'm more a Clorox cleanup girl, but I want to use more natural based nontoxic products & this does a GREAT job cleaning my drains.

Dale R

Love this cleaner! I bought 3!