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Drain, Septic & Sewer Natural Based Cleaner

Drain, Septic & Sewer Natural Based Cleaner

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Our Natural Based Drain Septic & Sewer is excellent for cleaning drains, septic tanks and sewer systems. Also is an excellent tool for FOG programs in municipal systems. It's packed with 7 types of probiotics (at twice the spore count of our cleaners) that produce powerful enzymes to break down soils and organic matter, including food-based grease & oils, blood, fecal matter, urine salts and more. 

Automated drain maintaining and refuge chute kits available. Simply ask for details.



  • FOR SEPTIC TANKS: Rate (20oz per 1000-gal tank). Pour directly into drains closest to the tank or in problem drains. Best applied at night or low use times, allowing dwell time. Dose. 8-16oz every 4 weeks for maintaining. Increase/decrease dosage for desired results.

  • FOR SLOW DRAINS, DISPOSALS & SEWER: Apply at a rate of twice the diameter of the drain, 4" drain = 8oz solution; 8" drain = 16oz. Allow dwell time prior to flushing. Excellent for FOG (fats, oils, grease) programs!

  • FOR RV AND HOUSEBOAT HOLDING TANKS: 2oz per gallon of greywater (tank). 2-4oz for each drain preventing dry trap and for long term storage. Beneficial for dump stations too!

  • FOR LAGOONS, LIFT STATIONS AND GREASE TRAPS: 2 gal. per 1 million gal. of water or average bi-weekly flow, continuing treatment of 2 gal. every day until desired results. Can be used in preventative maintenance pump program.
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