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Culleoka Company LLC

Native Lands Probiotic Deodorizer Concentrate - Two Scents

Native Lands Probiotic Deodorizer Concentrate - Two Scents

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Now available in Native lands and an amazing new scent, Agave & Thyme!!!

Why Native Lands?

It's like a detoxifier for your space! Culleoka's Native Lands is designed to not only control foul organic odors, but to save on water, shipping, and Mother Earth too. (A 24 oz bottle of Native Lands makes twelve gallons or sixty-four bottles, when diluted with water). Our proprietary formula is a super concentrate that you can blend with water to create a custom space deodorizer spray.

Native Lands deodorizer is packed with our probiotics (beneficial bacteria) that work like a little factory for you to help breakdown organic matter and attack the source of foul odors. Eliminates foul odors from carpets, floors, garbage containers, disposal units, around toilets, closets, linen baskets, animal kennels, compactors, etc. Wherever foul odors linger. 

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