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Let’s face it. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. And when the inevitable coffee spill, spit-up, or pet accident does occur, you’ll want to be ready to clean it up and treat the area as soon as possible. We at Culleoka Company, overwhelmingly agree that the best stain removers are gentle and don’t have to contain harsh chemicals with toxins.

Methods for treating stains

Many experts mention using a solution of dish soap diluted with distilled water (mineral buildup in tap water can leave a residue) for treating a wide variety of spills and stains. We recommend a cup of distilled water mixed with three to four tablespoons of Culleoka Company’s Natural Based Cleaner.

Carpet cleaner

It works well and leaves fabric smelling fresh. Here are our mixing instructions: In a cup, whisk the mixture until you have foam on the top and then take an upholstery brush with soft bristles — or you can use Culleoka Company’s microfiber cloth, and dip it in the mix.

micro fiber towels

Next, you want to lightly swirl it on the fabric where the stain is. Then take a new clean microfiber cloth and press it down to suck up the moisture and stain into the cloth. Repeat the process a couple of times until the stain is gone, but make sure not to saturate the fabric.” Our experts suggest finishing off with a small fan to dry the spot fully and quickly. Make sure that your colored microfiber cloths are washed prior to use to prevent the chance of any dye in the cloth transferring to your couch.

Stains on Delicate Fabrics

When tackling spills on delicate fabrics, Sabine H. Schoenberg, CEO of Smart Healthy Green Living, suggests some trusty club soda and natural castile soap. She suggests blotting first to remove any excess mess, then pouring a little club soda on the stain before gently blotting again to remove it. “If you need a little extra boost,” she says you can try castile soap for extra stain-lifting power. Along with dish soap, Melissa Witulski, a home-cleaning expert at Merry Maids, adds white vinegar to her mix because it cuts grease, disinfects, and neutralizes odor. She recommends mixing two cups of distilled water, one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and one tablespoon of white vinegar.

If, after trying both dish soap and vinegar mixtures, you can still see a residual stain, Rodriguez-Zaba, Leanne Stapf, COO of the Cleaning Authority, and Joshua Miller, director of training at Rainbow International Restoration, all mention using diluted hydrogen peroxide to lift stubborn coffee, tea, wine, or grape juice stains. Hydrogen peroxide has some natural bleaching properties, making it an effective way to treat dark or colored food stains. But that’s also why Stapf, who uses a mix of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap to clean red wine, warns that it should only be used on light fabrics or tested in an inconspicuous area first. When it comes to darker fabrics, Stapf recommends blotting the stain and then sprinkling with salt to absorb any remaining liquid. She suggests repeating the process several times until the stain is fully gone and then blotting with diluted water to rinse. 

Probiotic Cleaners

There are certain food and bodily fluid stains like chocolate, blood, and urine, that require a more powerful product to break them down. If you have pets, you should always have some type of probiotic or enzymatic cleaner and odor eater under your kitchen sink. The probiotics & enzymes in these cleaners work like magic basically eating and eliminating the organic matter in a stain. We recommend Culleoka Company’s Natural Based Cleaner. Begin by testing our solution on an inconspicuous area for color fastness. (Our product works best if used first on a stain. Most common cleaners, if unsuccessful in stain removal, will set the stain in chemically). Simply spray directly onto the stain and allow the solution to penetrate the stain for 2-3 minutes. Using a lint free cloth or one of our micro fiber towels; ball up one end of the towel, press onto the stain and twist with firm action and lift the stain out. Repeat if necessary. Never scrub the stain - it could smear. No need to saturate the stained area.

Be Prepared

We all make mistakes in life and accidents are destined to occur. So be prepared by stocking up on Culleoka Company’s Natural Based cleaners. You won’t regret it. After all, you have nothing to lose since our cleaners have multiple uses. It won’t just sit in your cabinet waiting until the next stain. You will use it daily to keep your kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean and smelling great!

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