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Natural Based Cleaner - 3 scents

“It doesn’t matter if I am cleaning an accident in the kitchen or a routine bathroom scrub. I have peace of mind knowing I’m using a safe product that is harm-free to the whole family. ”

- Sara M. Culleoka Company Customer


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Our Natural Based Cleaner is an All-Purpose cleaner packed with 7 types of probiotics that produce powerful enzymes and plant-based cleaners (we call scrubbers). They work together to break down soils and organic matter, including food-based grease & oils, blood, fecal matter, urine salts, and more – creating a positive impact on your surroundings. Natural Based Cleaner comes with a sprayer nozzle and works wonders on many surfaces, including metals and plastics, textiles and carpets, and other surfaces. Our Natural Based Cleaner can even be used to clean your oven. Just spray the interior, let it sit a few minutes, and scrubb the debris away. Oh, and yes, we use it here on the farm!

Please share with us any of the uses that you have for our Natural Based Cleaner. We’d love to hear from you of how you use our solutions! We appreciate you joining us on our journey to "keep it simple."


  • Kitchen Surfaces
  • Mopping Solution
  • Toilet, Bath and Utility Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Home, Business, Auto, Boats & RVs
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Garbage Cans
  • Kennels and Pet Urine
  • Generally Cleaning for Most Any Surface!

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24 ounce & Gallon

Probiotic Formula For Wellness
And Sanitization

Natural Based & Probiotics for Happy Health Businesses and Homes.

Our journey set out for ourselves to have and achieve a more simple lifestyle, eating and living cleaner not only had to do with the foods we ate but also encompassed the choices of which products to use in our home. We are determined to use safer, non-toxic, plant based ingredients to make for a better overall user experience. No matter if you are cleaning the kitchen table or treating a grease trap at a hospital - our desire is your peace of mind.

  • Goodness = Peace of mind Goodness =
    Peace of Mind
  • simple and positive footprint Simple & Positive
  • Trustworthy Intentionally Trustworthy
  • Increased Effectiveness Increased
probiotics vs chemicals

Noelle F.

Love this cleaner! Cleans bathrooms, kitchens, and grease stains wonderfully! No more overwhelming and unpleasant odors from your cleaning supplies.

Linda H.

Cleans extremely well and leaves a wonderful smell in the room. Will definitely order again. It is important to me that it is septic friendly.

Culleoka Company LLC

These natural based cleaning products are unbelievable. I have tried the Green Tea scented spray and it smells wonderful. I especially love that it is all natural and contains no toxic chemicals. It leaves my surfaces clean and smelling great every time.

Rebbecca A.

Smells Awesome! This stuff smells awesome! I like the idea of getting rid of bad bacteria but letting good bacteria live. The spray bottle is nice and works as it should and the product itself seems to clean well and leave an amazing scent behind, even my husband commented on how good it smelled!

Ashley M.

Loved this! Works great and smells so good too! This cleaner smells so so so good! Smells good enough to eat according to my husband but please don't. But it cleans really well and does not leave a filminess or greasy feeling. It even cleans off dried on grease. I use it on counter tops, my sinks, my stove, where the most grease is and around. I also use on my tables and on my other surfaces. The smell is definitely aromatic and scentalicious. But it really works too. I love the idea of using probiotics to help fight against the bad bacteria but using good bacteria to help. Very different but a must buy again for me.

Andrew K.

Works Well I tried this on a whim and I am glad that I did. The scent is just okay but it wasn't horrible or overpowering in any way. I used it to clean my granite in the kitchen, and it got up all the drips and smears and left the kitchen looking shiny and bright. I liked the way that it sprayed out in a large plume but not getting too much product out either. As far as how clean the surface really is, how do we really know? But it left it looking clean with no streaks and I like that. I would recommend.

Gisselle M.

Cleans well and not poisonous I love this stuff. It cleans well and it's not poisonous at the same time. You can't beat that. I use it mostly on my kitchen counters and table. Does leave streaks on my stove so I wipe it down with vinegar and water after I clean it with this. I'm almost on my 3rd bottle. I will keep buying.

Adam W.

FANTASTIC deep cleaner! Absolutely amazed Cleans well, has a really fresh citrus scent, and it's natural. Which makes me feel great about using it!

Judy K.

Overall happy with the purchase, some minor flaws though Used this to clean skateboard bearings and got to say they were really good at getting the grime out. Especially my friends bearings as they used WD-40 as lubricant for there bearings, MAJOR MISTAKE they were horrible and had so much grease and dirt not even water and soap could save the bearings. But this cleaner got the job done! Although the scent is really strong but smells good the very least for me. So if your sensitive to scent wear a mask and let the area your cleaning air out or look for another product.

Eleonore K.

I love this spray cleaners! This is the first time I ever tried this, but it smells so fresh and works just as well as the parsley which is my absolute favorite! This stuff works on any surface, even glass and gets it clean and shiny.. It's not offered in every grocery store so I'm glad I can get a case online. I won't ever be without this stuff. Just love it! You will too, highly recommend!

Jasmin J.

Doesn’t work as well as Windex, but much safer I like that the ingredients in this product are not harmful, especially since we have an infant at home. The scent is very mild, Its a very light citrus scent. I don’t mind it. The only thing I will say about this product that I don’t like is that it definitely doesn’t work as well as Windex or other disinfecting sprays I’ve tried in the past. With that being said, I will continue to purchase it because I feel safe using it around my infant.

Vanessa M.

Great Cleaner I'm very impressed with the cleaning power of this spray. I wasn't sure, I'm more a clorox cleanup girl, but I want to use more natural based nontoxic products & this does a GREAT job cleaning grease off of my stove. I use it in the bathroom too, does a nice job on the streaks.

Dale R

Love this cleaner! I bought 3!

Sarah H.

I absolutely love this cleaner. I use it to clean literally everything in my home, including my oven. I just spray the oven, let it sit a few minutes, then scrub the dirt away with ease. I am grateful to have found this product and love that it is natural.