AC Condenser Coil & Evaporator Coil Cleaning DIY

AC Condenser Coil & Evaporator Coil Cleaning DIY

What Are Condenser Coils?

Your Air Conditioner runs 24/7 during most of the summer. It works hard to keep your work or home space cool and humidity free. Over time, however, dirt, dust and debris get sucked into your outdoor condensing unit and begins to coat your condenser coil. This makes it difficult for the condenser coil to do its job, because it is harder to transfer heat to the outside air when the coil is covered with dirt. As a result, your AC unit will run inefficiently.

For this reason, it is recommended to clean your condenser coils annually. Usually, an AC company can perform this task for you for a fee. However, AC companies use dangerous chemicals. Cleaning your coils is a great DIY project that can be completed by anyone. Culleoka Company sells completely safe, effective, natural based AC Coil cleaner.

Where is your AC Condenser Located?

Condenser coils are situated in the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. The whole purpose of the condenser coils is to move heat out of your home and replace it with cool air.

Why it is Important to Clean Your AC Condenser Coils Regularly?

Over time, dirt and debris gets sucked into your outdoor condensing unit and begins to coat your condenser coil. This makes it difficult for the condenser coil to do its job, because it is harder to transfer heat to the outside air when the coil is covered with dirt.

Without condenser coil cleaning, your air conditioner will use more energy while simultaneously reducing its ability to cool your home. Essentially, you’ll be paying more for a unit that is doing less.

Save energy. According to the EPA, households spend about 17 percent of their annual energy bills on cooling. That’s why it’s so important to get your unit running as efficiently as possible. During air conditioner preventive maintenance, your technician will check, test and adjust your cooling system to ensure it isn’t wasting energy.

Increase comfort levels. Air conditioner preventive maintenance is the best way to make sure you stay cool in every room in your house during the summer. Dirty coils reduce air quality and Spread of mold and other contaminants throughout your home.

Avoid unnecessary repairs. Have you ever had your air conditioner go out during one of the hottest days of the year? We would not recommend it! By addressing issues with your unit now, you can avoid breakdowns during the days, weeks, and months that you need it the most.

Extend the life of your unit. Preventive maintenance can add years to the life of your air conditioner. The less stress and breakdowns it endures season after season, the longer your investment in it will last. Dirty condenser coils can cause permanent damage to your AC unit.

How to Clean your AC Condenser Coils Yourself

The best time of the year for cleaning your home's AC system's coils is in the early spring, before the oppressive heat of summer starts. If you decide to take on this task yourself, here are the steps required:

  1. Purchase some natural based AC Coil cleaner from your local hardware store or online from Culleoka Company.
  2. Turn off power to AC unit at breaker switch on the exterior wall.
  3. Remove AC unit shroud that surrounds the condenser coils with a screwdriver.
  4. Connect spray nozzle to your hose and spray the cooling fins from the inside of the unit outwards, using low pressure to avoid damaging cooling fins. (Remove fan blades if necessary)
  5. If you are using Culleoka Companies Natural Based AC/Coil Cleaning Kit, spray the condenser fins around the outside and let sit for 5 minutes.
  6. Rinse the fins and reassemble the AC.
  7. Turn the power to the unit back on.

You can also see how it's done in Culleoka Company's video

Keep Your AC Living Longer

Throughout the year, condenser coils are constantly subjected to dirt, leaves, dust, and bugs. Remember, regular maintenance is the best way to maximize the life of your air conditioner. Failure to clean your air conditioning coils drives up your energy bills, shortens the life of your AC unit and decreases your air quality and spreads mold and contaminants through your home.

What are Evaporator Coils?

The evaporator coil is located inside your house. It’s the coil in your furnace or air handler. Cleaning it is even more essential than cleaning your condenser coils, however, both should be cleaned annually to keep your AC running properly.


Why it is Important to Clean Your AC Evaporator Coils Regularly?

The evaporator coil is key to removing dirt, pet fur or human hair and general grimy debris from the air in your home. A dirty coil greatly restricts airflow and causes issues with heat and humidity. Here are the details.


The coil is the part through which heat from your home is absorbed by the refrigerant and pumped and dumped outside. It is connected to  the outdoor condensing unit coil. Tubing carries refrigerant pumped by the compressor in the condensing unit.

The refrigerant absorbs heat indoors when it evaporates inside the evaporator coil. It dumps the heat in the condenser unit when it is compressed/condensed back into a liquid. Heat pumps work the same way, but in reverse, collecting heat outdoors and pumping it inside.

It’s a fascinating process. But if the coil gets blocked with grimy debris, the heat transfer will be dramatically reduced.

As a result of the reduced airflow, heat won’t be absorbed as readily. That means your AC will become less effective. As a result:

  • Your energy costs will rise. If you see your bills going up more than expected, then a dirty coil is a likely culprit.
  • The AC will work harder. If you AC runs more than you expect, the coil is probably dirty. An overworked air conditioner compressor and other parts are far more likely to fail. A failed compressor is generally the end of your AC condensing unit and comes with a bill of $1,200-$3,000. Sometimes more.

    How to Clean Your Evaporator Coils Yourself

    The steps to cleaning your evaporator coils are similar to the steps above for cleaning your Condenser Coils. You can use the same Culleoka Company natural based AC Coil Cleaner to clean your evaporator coils.

    1. Turn the breaker switch for the Furnace/Air Handler off.
    2. Remove the cover.
    3. Spray full strength natural based AC Coil Cleaner on both sides of the coil.
    4. Let sit on blades for for 5 minutes.
    5. Use a sprayer to rinse the coils into the drip pan below.
    6. If there is still gunk built up in the blades, use an air compressor to blow it out.
    7. Put the cover back in place.
    8. Turn the power back on.

    At Culleoka Company our goal is to remove toxins through positive impacts. Our Natural Based Cleaner is a probiotic (beneficial bacteria) enzymatic solution, non-toxic and neutral PH formulated to effectively clean your A/C coils without harming the environment.

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