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AC Coil/Foam Cleaning Kit with 1-gallon Natural Based Cleaner (Business)

AC Coil/Foam Cleaning Kit with 1-gallon Natural Based Cleaner (Business)

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Offering a new kit for you. 

Included in this kit is a Gallon of our Natural Based Cleaner (a $40 value) and our popular 48oz Foam Sprayer. 

Now is the time to think about the air we breathe in our homes and businesses! 
Our Natural Based Cleaner is a probiotic (beneficial bacteria) enzymatic solution, non-toxic and neutral PH formulated to effectively clean your A/C coils without harming the environment. Removes grime and foul organics on coils and the dreaded ‘dirty sock syndrome’ that plagues many units and homes. Safe for coated coils! The foam sprayer is designed to allow the solution to dwell on the surfaces longer, also increasing the effectiveness of the cleaner.

Works on condenser and evaporator coils. 

Mix 12oz of Natural Based Cleaner and 36oz of water in the Foam Sprayer. 

Cleans up to 10 A/C units with one 48oz sprayer. Or if you are a homeowner, clean your A/C units, car engine compartments, radiator fins, garden equipment, etc. This sprayer can be used for multiple applications.

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