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Natural Based Cleaner - 3 scents

Natural Based Cleaner - 3 scents

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Our Natural Based Cleaner is designed for a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, textiles, carpets, and ovens. Our probiotic formula is composed of 7 powerful enzymes and plant-based cleaners to break down soils and organic matter, oil and grease, and other substances. 

But hold on, the excitement doesn't end here. Our eco-friendly cleaner boasts a versatile concentrated formula, allowing you to use it either in its concentrated form or diluted, tailored to your specific cleaning needs. For instance, when targeting glass and mirrors, simply mix 2 ounces of our cleaner with 24 ounces of water. And for sparkling floors, blend 3 ounces with 3 gallons of water to create the perfect mopping solution.

Add 2 ounces to your laundry washing machine for super clean clothes. Removes stains without ay problem.

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