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Culleoka Company LLC

2.5 Gallon Natural Based Coil & Fin Cleaner with Sprayer

2.5 Gallon Natural Based Coil & Fin Cleaner with Sprayer

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Our Natural Based Coil & Fin Cleaner: This solution is designed for general and medium- duty cleaning for most all evaporator and condenser coils. This solution replaces the toxicity generally associated with coil cleaning chemicals. Coil & Fin is formulated with multiple live strains of eco-friendly probiotics (good bacteria) that produce powerful enzymes to break down soils and organic matter from coils and drain pans, leaving coils clean and with positive, lasting results. Removes ‘dirty sock syndrome’ and other foul odors and odors caused by foul bacteria. Promotes clean air.

Our solution is UnScented by design and can be used while the unit is in service for high volume units. Natural Based Coil & Fin Cleaner offers a symbiotic solution for health, cleanliness and a simpler alternative for preventative maintenance schedules - requiring fewer products. Simply put, Culleoka Company offers less toxins, more life!

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