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Why use probiotics in my cleaning products?

Great Question!

To answer this, first you have to understand that essentially probiotics can be defined as “living, good bacteria.” Our Natural Based Cleaner and our Drain, Septic & Sewer Cleaner use seven types of probiotic strains.

When you use these solutions, the probiotic offers an eco-friendly portion of naturally occurring bacteria that work to prevent unwanted organics from forming on hard surfaces. The probiotics we use, in essence, “digest” most bad bacteria they come in contact with - without leaving a toxic residue, unlike most common cleaners.

I’ve tried other green cleaners and they haven’t worked well. Is your Natural Based Cleaner effective at cleaning?

Great Question.

We love the way our all purpose Natural Based Cleaner works, but don't take our word for it.
Recently we had our products tested at a third party laboratory in Massachusetts. The purpose of the test was to evaluate the effectiveness of Culleoka Natural Based Cleaner to comparative products at removing soil from various substrates. The lab concluded that Culleoka Natural Based Cleaner was overall the most effective cleaner (out of 6 well known brands) at removing Hucker’s Soil from surfaces. Hucker's Soil is the substance used for Laboratory testing of cleaning products.

How do I best use the Natural Based Cleaner on carpet or fabric?

Begin by testing our solution on an inconspicuous area for color fastness. (Our product works best if used first on a stain. Most common cleaners, if unsuccessful in stain removal, will set the stain in chemically).

Simply spray directly onto the stain and allow the solution to penetrate the stain for 2-3 minutes. Using a lint free cloth or towel; ball up one end of the towel, press onto the stain and twist with firm action and lift the stain out.

Repeat if necessary. Never scrub the stain - it could smear. No need to saturate the stained area.

Can I use a Natural Based Cleaner to wash clothes?

Yes! Simply use 8 oz for a standard load of clothes. Pretreat for organic soils on fabric prior to wash - allowing the probiotic solution to dwell for 10-15 minutes.

Do I need the drain, sewer and septic cleaner if I do not have a septic tank?

Our Drain, Septic & Sewer Cleaner is designed to introduce good or "beneficial" bacteria back into the sewer system. Even if you do not have a septic tank, you may have issues with drains, such as slow drains, foul odors from drains and garbage disposal, etc. Many of the issues that we face in our drains are not only from all of the waste, but also come from soaps, detergents and disinfectants that contain ammonia, chloride and a bleach base (all of which kill good bacteria)!

By using our Probiotic Solution, you will be introducing those good bacteria into the drain lines, helping to prevent stoppages, odors and the slime that goes along with stinky drains. Using this solution is truly a preventative measure.