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Drain, Septic & Sewer Natural Based Cleaner Bundle (Case of 12)

Drain, Septic & Sewer Natural Based Cleaner Bundle (Case of 12)

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Our Natural Based Drain Septic & Sewer is packed with 7 types of probiotics (at twice the spore count of our cleaners) that produce powerful enzymes to break down soils and organic matter, including food-based grease & oils, blood, fecal matter, urine salts and more. Our natural based cleaner is excellent for cleaning drains, septic tanks and sewer systems. Also is an excellent tool for FOG programs in municipal systems.

Automated drain maintaining and refuge chute kits available. Simply ask for details.



  • FOR SEPTIC TANKS: Rate (20oz per 1000-gal tank). Pour directly into drains closest to the tank or in problem drains. Best applied at night or low use times, allowing dwell time. Dose. 8-16oz every 4 weeks for maintaining. Increase/decrease dosage for desired results.

  • FOR SLOW DRAINS, DISPOSALS & SEWER: Apply at a rate of twice the diameter of the drain, 4" drain = 8oz solution; 8" drain = 16oz. Allow dwell time prior to flushing. Excellent ro FOG (fats, oils, grease) programs!

  • FOR RV AND HOUSEBOAT HOLDING TANKS: 2oz per gallon of greywater (tank). 2-4oz for each drain preventing dry trap and for long term storage. Beneficial for dump stations too!

  • FOR LAGOONS, LIFT STATIONS AND GREASE TRAPS: 2 gal. per 1 million gal. of water or average bi-weekly flow, continuing treatment of 2 gal. every day until desired results. Can be used in preventative maintenance pump program.
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