‘Culleoka Company Affiliate Program’

Whether you are in the marketplace or just starting out, we’d love for you to consider joining us on our journey of Natural Based and Simple Solutions for Life. The one thing that we desire more than helping homes and businesses with positive impacts through solutions, is to help you reach your own God-given potential to grow. We here at the Culleoka Company would like to be a part of that growth.

If you are interested in joining our tribe, click on the button below and follow the simple steps to sign up. We will not put you on a mailing list, nor will we hound you (unless you think an email and maybe a phone call is hounding).  Culleoka Company does not currently require a “sign up fee,” but we recommend that you purchase the starter kit pictured below so that you are familiar with our products and know first-hand how well they work. We want you to have victory stories to share!

If you’re already a fan of our solutions and just want to join for now, go ahead to step two.

We do require our affiliates to be in the health & wellness space to a degree that you are making impacts, not only in your life but in those around you. Please see our policies for additional information and requirements.

So in short, simply:

  1. Purchase the starter kit or another product at the link below.
  2. Fill out the very simple affiliate form at the second link below.
  3. Once approved, start sharing posts on FB and IG from Culleoka Company and include your personalized link. 
  4. Collect a % of the sale once it is paid. 
  5. Ask others to join. You are allowed one additional tier under your code for a greater % of the sale. 


Thank you and welcome to the tribe!

Sonny Hobbs
Founder & Farmhand

Step 1: (Recommended)


Step 2: I’m Ready!


What’s Coming Soon!

Who could have foreseen the excitement that our little company has generated since our recent launch into the marketplace! As such, we have a lot of ideas and plans in the hopper to help our affiliates sell and earn more easily, including:

Weekly training via videos.

Daily plans and goal setting to help you grow through our Join the Tribe program.

Interactive page on our website for Tribal members to “check-in” for training, product information and to review your dashboard.

Perhaps most important to know is that we are here for you, we’d especially would love to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding our Tribal program and solutions.